Disarticulated Female Skull

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Disarticulated Female Skull

Anatomical Chart Company ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY Model

A life size 22-piece disarticulated female skull cast from the skull of a 18-20 year old woman . This detailed 22-piece disarticulated skull accurately reproduces each of the individual cranial bones of the human skull. As well as all the bones that make up the skull .Each piece shows the detail of the sutures and other anatomical structures. Consists of 22 individual pieces: frontal parietal (2)Occipital Temporal (2)Mandible Maxillae (2) Sphenoid Ethmoid Zygomatic (2)Nasal (2)Palatine (2)Concha (2)Lacrimal (2)Vomer Made of durable plastic, the skull includes a key and plastic compartment box to store the delicate bones and a corrugated box for larger bones Cannot be assembled.

Made in Canada

The Human Skull
ISBN 9781587791673