Respiratory Organs Model

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Respiratory Organs Model

Anatomical Chart Company RESPIRATORY Model

A life size model of the respiratory organs, made in unbreakable plastic. Includes the following: diaphragm with muscles, tendons, and major openings for vessels and esophagus aorta shows the origin of 5 abdominal arteries 3 thoracic and 3 lumbar vertebrae the heart can be openend to show atria and ventricles, superior and inferior vena cava, aorta. pulmonary artery and the coronary sinus sectioned left lung shows bronchioles, pulmonary arteries and veins larynx is sectioned to show the details of its structureMounted on a base. Includes key.Size: 16" x 9" x 7-1/2 "

Dimensions - 16 x 9