About Us

Hello and welcome to Medshop.

Founded in 2005 as an online medical supplies company, targeting nursing students and allied health professionals. Medshop now offers products, services and solutions to all aspects of healthcare including; Government, hospitals, universities, private practice, allied health, practitioners, students and the general public.

In addition to the flagship Australian store, the company has expanded exponentially and now holds online stores in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. As a result of this expansion, the business has been re-branded to accomodate it's international trading status. Originally retailing as Medshop Australia, the company now retails as Medshop across all countries.

Medshop boasts an unbeatable and innovative range of medical diagnostic, consumable, and educational products. Through the utilisation and enhancement of e-commerce platforms, Medshop has improved the way consumers can access essential medical supplies.

Medshop continues to strive for innovation through the utilisation of cutting edge technology, and collaboration with industry partners. The company goal is to meet and exceed consumer needs and expectations.


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