The Best Nursing Shoes for Singapore


Nursing shoes are designed to be worn in a medical setting and so it's no surprise that people who are on their feet all day will want to avoid foot pain. Comfortable, easy to wear and easy to clean, they are a hygienic and practical option for those working in hospitals, surgeries and clinics, with a whole range of features available including extra cushioning, arch support, slip-resistant outsoles, breathable materials, and plenty more.

With many nurses in Singapore spending hours on their feet every day, shoes are an essential part of a uniform—meaning that comfortable, well-fitting shoes can make it easier to care for patients, navigate a hospital and carry out essential work.

Here then, we take a closer look at the different types of nursing shoes available and which shoes are best for nurses in Singapore.

Best Nursing Shoes for Comfort

For most nurses, comfort is the most important factor when choosing a pair of shoes. This is why clogs are a popular choice for hardworking nurses in the country’s hospitals. The nursing clogs Singapore professionals choose should be specially designed to support the feet, prevent blisters and cushion tired joints over long hours.

Clogs are a good option for nurses in Singapore as they’re easy to slip on and off, don’t constrain the feet and offer sturdy, supportive soles. They’re also easy to clean and have a professional appearance despite being among the most comfortable shoes around. 

Sanita San Flex Clog Open Heel

Sanita has been making high quality Danish-style clogs for over 100 years. Like all of its professional footwear, its nursing clogs are handcrafted in Poland using high quality materials.

Sanita San Flex clogs with open heel are some of the most comfortable nurse shoes Singapore has to offer. These clogs are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association and are specially crafted for comfort and support. In fact, these clogs are specifically designed to help stimulate the muscles in the feet and legs in order to reduce pressure, relieve swelling and prevent cramping.

Sanita San Flex clogs are made from genuine leather and come with a Permair protective coating to help feet breathe more naturally. These leather shoes are resistant to scuffs and scratches and they are also easy to wipe clean at the end of a shift.

Best Nursing Shoes for Breathability

Breathable materials are highly important for Singapore nurse's shoes. Allowing feet to breathe helps to keep them healthy and prevents odours. It also helps to keep nurses comfortable when they’re working hard on hospital wards.

Sanita Wave Professional Knit Shoe

Some of the best nursing shoes for breathability are Sanita Wave Professional Knit Shoes. This super lightweight work shoe has been specially designed to maximise breathability. The knit fabric ensures good air circulation, keeps odours to a minimum and helps to prevent the feet from overheating.

Another benefit of the lightweight knit design is that these nursing shoes are machine washable. This makes it easy to keep the shoes clean and hygienic, even on the busiest hospital wards. Sanita Wave Professional Knit Shoes also have a replaceable antibacterial insole and slip resistance, making them ideal for use in medical settings with slippery floors. 

Sanita Wave Leather Clog with closed heel

These lightweight, slip resistant shoes are designed to be breathable, comfortable and practical. Sanita Wave leather clogs are made using durable Permair Protector leather. This allows feet to breathe and ensures the clogs are comfortable to wear throughout the day.

The shoe has been developed in conjunction with the care industry, and so is specially designed to meet the requirements of a busy medical environment. A wide fit gives the feet plenty of room while the contour of the sole helps to prevent cramps and swelling.

Best Nursing Shoes for Hygiene

When working in hospitals, medical centres and doctor’s surgeries, nurses always have to be aware of hygiene. Good hygiene practices help to keep patients healthy and prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. This protects both medical professionals and the people they care for.

Most good quality nursing shoes in Singapore are designed with hygiene in mind. Whether they’re washable, wipeable or antibacterial, these professional shoes can help nurses to keep themselves, and their patients, healthy.

Oxypas EVA Nursing Clogs

These sturdy clogs are a good choice for nurses looking for a comfortable and hygienic shoe. A simple but effective design means they’re easy to clean and their non-porous surface makes it difficult for germs to take hold.

Oxypas EVA Nursing Clogs are a great example of simple, hygienic clog design. The shoes are treated with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-mould products and are washable up to 50˚C. They are also resistant to chemical and UV sterilisations.

Sanita San Flex Clogs with closed heel

The closed heel design of these Sanita San Flex Clogs makes them ideal for nurses looking for hygienic, durable footwear. Having a heel on the clogs helps to keep the foot completely enclosed and minimises contact between the foot and the environment. Some nurses may also find the closed design more comfortable and supportive than clogs with open heels.

Best Nursing Shoes for Affordability

In Singapore, nursing shoes are available in a wide choice of price brackets. Ranging from around $140 at the top end to just under $40 at the more affordable end of the scale, there are nursing shoes available to suit all budgets.

Anywear ZONE Footwear Injected Clog

The Anywear range from Cherokee has some of the most affordable nursing clogs in Singapore. Anywear ZONE Footwear Injected Clogs are available for just $37.95, offering nurses excellent value for money. These practical clogs come with a slip resistant rubber outsole, removable antimicrobial EVA insole and a rounded, comfortable fit.

Anywear Footwear Guardian Angel Footwear

Another option from the Anywear range is the Guardian Angel antimicrobial clog. These shoes have the same antimicrobial treatment and slip resistant sole as the brand’s more affordable clogs, but also come with a two-piece memory foam insole and special lightweight construction. This helps to maximise comfort and breathability.

The spacious design of the clogs gives them a roomy fit, while the vent holes in the sides of the shoe allow for good airflow around the foot.

Best Nursing Shoes for Style

Although comfort, affordability and hygiene are all essential considerations when buying nursing shoes in Singapore, style is important too. Having shoes that fit well and look good will help nurses to achieve a professional appearance and allow them to stamp their personality on their uniform.

Infinity FLY Footwear, black and purple

These stylish work shoes offer nurses a good alternative to clog-style footwear. With a slip resistant rubber sole, moulded EVA midsole and a foot-hugging design, Infinity FLY Footwear black and purple shoes look almost like a running shoe. The fabric used in the lining and insoles is antimicrobial and treated to reduce odour, this ensures the shoes are hygienic as well as attractive.

Made by Cherokee, this style of nursing shoe is also available in pink and black and plain black designs. This should make it easy to find the look that best suits your workplace.

Sanita ShoutOut Clogs

Bright, colourful and eye-catching, Sanita ShoutOut Clogs offer the quality and comfort of the San Flex clog with an added splash of style. The shoes are available in a range of colours including white, blue and pink. They feature a choice of fun, loud prints, making them ideal for nurses working on children’s wards and those who want to bring a burst of colour their workplace

Like the Sanita San Flex design, these clogs are slip resistant and shock absorbent. Made from high-quality leather and featuring an anatomic footbed, they are designed to be comfortable and hardwearing. The unique design of Sanita clogs helps to relieve pressure on the legs and back when standing. This makes them ideal for busy hospital wards and medical centres. 

Where to buy Nursing Shoes in Singapore?

It’s always a good idea to source nursing shoes from a specialist supplier. Nurses need footwear that’s specially designed for a medical setting and for heavy use. Buying nursing shoes, loafers and clogs from a medical supplier will ensure that your footwear is comfortable, durable and professional.

To find affordable, high quality shoes, make sure you check online before you buy. Specialist online suppliers that are based in Singapore, or that can ship their products to the country, often offer the best value for money.

How to find the right size

If you’re buying nursing shoes online, it’s essential to check the size before you buy. Most Singapore nursing shoes are designed to be unisex and so will fit a variety of foot shapes. High quality nursing shoes, like those with anatomic footbeds, will mould to fit the shape of your foot. This means that the more you wear your shoes, the more comfortable they’ll become.

Most nursing clogs will offer a spacious fit, allowing the feet to breathe and prevent odours. If you want your shoes to fit more snugly, opt for a nursing shoe that laces up and is closed at the heel.

Nurses carry out essential, life saving work every single day. Having comfortable, high quality shoes to wear can help these hardworking heroes to provide the best possible care to their patients—and remember, they don't always have to be white shoes in today's healthcare environments. 

Find out more, and start shopping for Singapore nursing shoes of your own, by exploring our high quality range today.


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